'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Never Gets Off The Ground, But Don't Blame Alden Ehrenreich

Except, of course, for Han Solo, who, as played by Alden Ehrenreich in this prequel to the original "Star Wars" trilogy, is still many years away from joining forces with Luke, Leia and the Rebel Alliance, much less inheriting the genial wisecrackery and stiffly smoldering presence of Harrison Ford. One of the few new things we actually learn about this perennial fan favorite in his first headlining vehicle is how he came by his surname, a detail I won't spoil. (You take your pleasures where you can get them in this movie.) Suffice to say that the word "Solo" underscores Han's status as a plucky rogue operator, a man with zero political allegiances, someone who cares less about which side wins or loses than about his own survival.

Source : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-solo-star-wars-story-review-20180515-story.html

'Solo: A Star Wars Story' never gets off the ground, but don't blame Alden Ehrenreich
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