Bishop Briggs Brings Her Monstrous Voice To Sad Girl Anthems

“I’m a big poetry writer. I do love pen-to-paper, but depressing chords on the piano are always there shortly after,” she laughs. “I definitely never write songs from a happy place. It never starts off from a happy place or a happy chord …

“This album took two-and-a-half years to make and I was writing so much during that time, so it took a lot to have to narrow it down. But I wanted to make sure that every song that was on this album really emphasized what has been happening this past couple of years. One of the last songs that was added is a song called ‘Water’ and it was produced by John Hill and it was written a month before the album was submitted, just a couple of months ago. So I felt so excited to have something that showed exactly what I’ve been writing right now, exactly what’s happening in my life, but also songs like ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘River,’ which are the reasons I can even make an album. Hopefully it shows what’s been happening for the past couple of years.”

Much has been made in the press of how a pint-sized Briggs honed her vocal chops singing in karaoke bars after moving to Tokyo with her parents at four and then to Hong Kong at 10, but the myth is slightly overstated. She might have been born with those pipes, but she had to learn to properly work ’em.

“I took singing lessons for eight years in Hong Kong with this teacher named Christine Sampson and every Saturday morning I was in there so I definitely, definitely had vocal training,” she says. “But karaoke is where I kind of caught that first bug of performing. That was where I first got really excited about singing and all of that. But as I got older, I definitely realized that the key to longevity is singing correctly and warming up and all these things. So I was really lucky that I got given singing lessons for a Christmas present from my mom.”

And did she have any particular tunes in her backpocket that she could completely nail every time?

“I couldn’t nail anything. I was terrible,” Briggs confesses. “But I did ‘The Greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston, I did ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC and, oh my god, anything by the Spice Girls because, I mean, it was the ’90s.”

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Bishop Briggs brings her monstrous voice to sad-girl anthems
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