Chewbacca Sings A Rousing Version Of ‘Silent Night’ (Watch)

Ever wondered what “Silent Night” would sound like if Chewbacca roared sang it?

How It Should Have Ended, a YouTube channel which makes animated parodies of major motion pictures, posted a hilarious rendition of the Christmas classic sung by everyone’s favorite furry “Star Wars” companion.

The video is a series of snippets of Chewie serenading us with his famous growl, spliced with images of Han Solo and the gang looking disturbed and saying what many are thinking watching the video, “this is ridiculous.” Although you can’t accuse the Wookiee of possessing the most tuneful singing voice, he does give the song plenty of gusto.

The Chewbacca Christmas carol actually originated in 1999. The latest version of the meme incorporates footage from 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The viral video is not the first Christmas-related “Star Wars” bit, as the popular sci-fi franchise had a special which ran on CBS in 1978, and included most of the original trilogy’s cast. But “Star Wars Holiday Special” received such a negative reception that it seems to have been mostly lost in the Jedi annals or left floating in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

However, with “Rogue One: A Star Wars Storycleaning up at the box office, and receiving widely positive reviews, it is likely that 2016 will be a more triumphant Star Wars Christmas.

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Chewbacca Sings a Rousing Version of ‘Silent Night’ (Watch)
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Chewbacca sings a rousing version of 'Silent Night'