Fortunate Ones Release Christmas Single, Music Video To Follow

Catherine Allan and Andrew O’Brien of Fortunate Ones

This season, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have a chance to hear a new Christmas song they can add to their holiday playlist.

The award winning Newfoundland duo Fortunate Ones released a festive single in November — a cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance” — and a music video is forthcoming.

As the title of the song suggests, the tune is meant to be more fun than sentimental, which is why the duo of Catherine Allan and Andrew O’Brien chose the 2006 track out of all the Christmas songs out there.

“It covers all of the bases of Christmas, I feel,” said Allan.  “It talks about all kinds of different things, and the lyrics are just really fun and funny.”

“There’s a lot of beautiful Christmas songs that are very serious and this was a bit of a lighter song we could have more fun with.”

The original tune certainly has unique lyrics. There can’t be too many Christmas songs out there that reference Kmart.

“Santa is here

Sleigh bells are ringing

Twenty-one elves

They are all singing

K-Mart is closed

So is the bakery

Everyone's home watching TV”

The Music video, which just entered the editing phase, features such Newfoundland stars as Alan Doyle and Mark Critch.

“It’s basically like a collection of little home movies and everyone is lip synching the song.”

Fortunate Ones did change up the song a bit, making it a bit faster and more pop music-like. They also went against type and started off the song with the chorus, rather than building up to it.

“It was just for fun really,” she said. “It’s such a good chorus — so catchy — that we thought we’d just hit people over the head right at the start with it.”

 Fortunate Ones wanted to do an entire Christmas album, but that wasn’t going to work with their busy touring schedule. The duo will, however, be doing December Christmas shows, including one at Corner Brook’s Arts and Culture Centre on Dec. 17.

Allan is excited for the performances, saying she and O’Brien are Christmas fanatics who love the holiday season. A big part of Allan’s Christmas memories, of course, is the music.

“In my household we had a piano at the top of the stairs, and I would always play any Christmas song I could think of,” said Allan. “I love all of the music of Christmas.”

Along with music from their album “The Bliss,” the duo will be playing Christmas songs, obviously, including an original composition “To You From Me.”

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