Jimmy Fallon

Who knew there was so much to achieve in just 30 seconds?

On Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto dropped in to have some fun with host Jimmy Fallon. In a game constructed to make a play on the band’s title, Fallon and Leto went head to head in number of challenges — all of which had to be completed in under half a minute.

Jared Leto wearing a red dress standing in front of a curtain© Provided by TIME Inc.

The first challenge saw the men try to maneuver a cookie from the top of their foreheads down to their mouth using only their faces, no hands allowed. After some initial interruption from his facial hair, Leto succeeded in getting the Oreo to his mouth. He then proceeded to display said-Oreo for all to see, all chewed up and stuck to his front teeth. Lovely.

Next up, Fallon and Leto had 30 seconds to pull out every tissue from a tissue box, one at a time, using just one hand. Both competitors put in an inspiring effort and it was such a close call that they had to remind the footage in slow motion to reveal Fallon had won by the smallest of margins.

Lastly, the guys attempted to throw as may CDs as possible into a sliced watermelon to make them stick. Neither had much success until they stepped a lot closer to the melons.

Source : https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/jared-leto-and-jimmy-fallon-compete-in-ridiculous-30-second-challenges-on-tonight-show/ar-AAyRKBe

Jared Leto and Jimmy Fallon compete in ridiculous 30-second challenges on Tonight Show
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