Seahawks Release Popular Cliff Avril With Failed Physical Designation

redandgoldhitman52 says:

May 4, 2018 at 5:23 pm

Hawks are done. The defense won’t be bailing out Russell anymore. Russell will have to put up 30 points a game to have a chance at winning. Russell isn’t a pocket passer that can dissect a defense and put up 30 point every week. He can run and get you a few first downs but that’s about it. Russell Wilson is going to get exposed and choke many games in the 4th q. This is the year where we’ll truly see if Russell Wilson is a good qb that can carry the team or a mediocre conservative qb with fast feet who can’t score enough points and is nothing without a hall of fame defense. Now he’ll know what it’s like for soo many qbs. I see Russell turning into RG3. He missed the playoffs last year. He’ll miss the playoffs this year, and most likely he’ll miss the playoffs next year too. he’ll be in the hot seat next year and seahawks will cut him after 3 years of missing the playoffs and playing awful. Russell won’t get a new deal or get franchise tagged. Someone will pick him up on a cheap deal or he’ll become a backup.

Literally the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen on PFT. Ever. You sign an unproven QB to huge bucks in Jimmy G. after he wins you a few games at the end of a typical junk Whiner season. LOL, the jokes on you.

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Seahawks release Cliff Avril with failed physical designation
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Seahawks release Cliff Avril
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