That 'Star Wars' Dubstep Christmas Light Show That You Never Asked For Is Here. You're Welcome, I Guess.

Well, it's here, the reason you'll need Advil this holiday season.

Matt Johnson's 2017 Christmas light show debuted recently in San Antonio, Texas, earlier this month and features a dubstep EDM remix of Darth Vader's imperial march to celebrate the Dec. 15 Star Wars premiere.

If the premiere is what caused this, let's just cancel it. Let's just cancel Star Wars.

The light show is complete with projections of Darth Vader and the imperial march itself, along with other Star Wars fan favorites, now ruined.

But if you watch this headache on mute, it's kind of nice. And maybe that, my friends, is the true meaning of Christmas.

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That 'Star Wars' dubstep Christmas light show that you never asked for is here. You're welcome, I guess.
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