The True Meaning Of The Winter Solstice: Hope

Yule is probably my favorite sabbat. Unlike Beltane and Samhain there are never a whole lot of expectations for it, and it can be celebrated in a number of ways. As a ritual writer it offers a whole lot of different tropes that can be exploited. Some of my favorites include: Wassailing, The Lord of Misrule, The Oak King/Holly King, and Secret Befana (Like Secret Santa, but with a Christmas Witch). I’m not particularly invested in two of the other most common tropes: The Return of the Light, and the Solstice Vigil, but both of these are popular with a lot of my friends and I see the appeal. (I’ve always thought that Imbolc was a much better choice for the “return of the light” sabbat, but that’s just me.)

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The True Meaning of the Winter Solstice: Hope
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