Why Do Celebrity Heart Attacks Get Our Blood Pumping?

Why is it when celebrities from our generation die, it prompts us to contemplate our own mortality?

Or, on a timelier note, why is it when three celebrities suffer some kind of sudden cardiac event in the same month we begin worrying about our own heart health? It's not like there are many, if any, similarities between our lifestyles and theirs, but it sends up red flags anyway.

This is what's happening again in the wake of the deaths of actor Alan Thicke, who was 69, and singer George Michael, who was 53 and died Christmas Day and actress Carrie Fisher, 60, who died Tuesday.

Details are still sketchy about Michael's death, announced Sunday as "heart related" after struggling in recent years with health problems and substance abuse issues. Thicke's Dec. 13 death has been attributed to a ruptured aorta, and Fisher's death blamed on a cardiac incident last week on a flight to Los Angeles from London.

Source : http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/opinion/ct-ptb-davich-celebrity-heart-events-st-1228-20161227-story.html

Why do celebrity heart attacks get our blood pumping?
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